My Soylent journey – The beginning


I became a Soylent backer back in January of this year.  I’ve been impatiently waiting ever since for my future food to arrive.

The day has finally come.  As of 2 days ago, I’ve been living solely on Soylent.

If you somehow wound up here without knowing any background on it, Soylent is an engineered food which is designed to provide 100% of the micro and macro nutrients that the human body needs.  It comes as a pouch of powder and a bottle of oil.  You mix the two with water and wind up with around 2 liters of something about the consistency of a milkshake, perhaps a little thinner.  Packed into that 2 litres of fluid is a complete and balanced nutritional profile for one day’s existence.

Why am I doing this?  There are a few reasons.  First is because it’s incredibly convenient.  Second is because it’s going to be way healthier than my current diet.  Third is honestly just because I like the science fiction made reality vibe of the whole thing.

Here’s a little background on my pre-Soylent diet.  I generally only ate one meal a day, unless I just skiped a day or two completely, and that was a large unhealthy dinner.  99% of the time it consisted solely of delivery or fast food.  Pizza, wings, burgers, etc.  Occasionally I’d almost be healthy and eat Thai or subs.  As far as portion size, I would eat an entire large pizza by myself or 2 double cheeseburgers if eating burgers.  You get the idea.  Not ideal, eh?

The reason I was eating this way is that it is convenient.  I’m a single guy who lives alone.  I work 7 days a week between my day job as a Linux sysadmin and my weekend job as a karaoke DJ.  I also have personal open source programming projects that consume my time.  In the limited downtime I have, cooking is about the last thing I feel like doing.  Could I do it?  Sure.  Will I?  Evidence thus far points to a big ol’ fat negative.

Also, I’m not completely giving up traditional food.  If I have a social meal with someone, I’ll eat.  If I really get the burning urge for a big ol’ juicy rare steak I’ll go get a big ol’ juicy rare steak.  This is for the other 90% of my meals, where I’m just grabbing whatever is tolerable and convenient or skipping them.

I’ll be tracking my weight through this experience.  I took a reading pre-Soylent to get a baseline… a rather embarrassing one at that.

Weight: 238.4 lbs
Body fat: 33.7%
BMI: 32.2

I have already lost some weight, but it’s mainly from water weight loss due to the reduction in sodium consumption.  That’s why you see the body fat percentage going up instead of down, as well.

Day 2

Weight: 236.6 lbs
Body fat: 35.0%
BMI: 32.0

Day 3

Weight: 235.0 lbs
Body fat: 35.4%
BMI: 31.8

I also took some before pictures, but I won’t traumatize anyone with those unless there is a noticeable physical change worthy of contrasting photographically.

After 3 days of consuming 100% Soylent I can already tell that this is going to be easy to stick with.  The flavor is very neutral.  It tastes slightly sweet and a little bit like oats.  While it’s actually surprisingly pleasant on its own, I do plan on playing around with flavoring it with fruits, cinnamon, cocoa, etc.

I have had no issues with hunger at all.  It’s amazing how filling this stuff is.

Oh, one word of warning… the gas!  If your gut flora aren’t accustomed to a high fiber, high protein diet you’re in for a flatulent start.  For me the gas didn’t really hit hard until the end of the second day on it.  It is more amusing than uncomfortable, but I do feel for anyone who enters my airspace.  The experience of others indicates that the gas lasts somewhere between a couple weeks and a month.  Note that I am going against the manufacturers recommendation of slowly transitioning your diet, so if you stick to the instructions you may not become a portable mustard gas generator.

5 thoughts on “My Soylent journey – The beginning”

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      I have one of those scales that determines it electronically. I know they’re not incredibly accurate, but it should be okay for getting a general idea of any changes.

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    Yeah, that way is not very accurate as the water changes in your body can affect it. However, just to get an idea of where you are going, they say as long as you use the same method in the same way you can, over time, get good results.

    1. Firefox 31.0 GNU/Linux x64

      I believe it is a nod to the book that the movie is based on, but yeah it is definitely named for the soylent from fiction. The founder/creator has directly indicated as much. 🙂

      Cost is 255$ for 4 weeks with a subscription. Works out to a hair over 3$/meal or 9$/day. You can see other pricing at

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