Nov 092011

I still had an 18650 battery holder, a momentary switch, and an 808 battery side connector that I hadn’t done anything with lying around.  I was getting tired of staring at them, so I decided that I would search my apartment and come up with something different to make a PV out of.

When my search reached the kitchen, I saw all of the empty prescription bottles I have managed to collect.  I’ve got a condition called gout, so I get a new bottle pretty much every month.  I tend to keep the empty bottles rather than throwing them away, because they’re handy for storing small screws and such from working on computers.

This is about as bare bones as you can get (I didn’t even add an LED because I left all of mine at work on my desk), but it works, and it actually turned out a little better than I expected, considering I was just throwing junk together.  Before assembling I scuffed up the plastic and hit it with a single coat of matte black spray paint.

Anyway, not going to ramble on any longer about this, but here are some pics:


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