I just love being a geek sometimes

Sometimes having programming skills comes in very handy, particularly when you’re trying to be as lazy as you can possibly be.

I have a MythTV DVR system setup in my apartment.  One of the features of this system is that any of the Linux systems (Which is all 5 of my home computers) on my LAN can connect to the backend server and be used to watch live TV or shows that I have recorded on the backend.

In my home office, I’ve got two PC’s setup.  This allows me to use one as a TV while I’m working on the other.

This setup suits my needs nicely, but there was one minor annoyance.  I had to move from computer to computer any time I wanted to adjust the volume, change channels, skip commercials, etc.

Most people would just accept it as is (well, most people wouldn’t have built their own DVR either, heh), but being a geek it was time to flex some creative mental muscle.

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