Telecommunicators single release

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I recently went to the Telecommunicators single release show for “Sorrows”.  A friend and karaoke regular of mine Matt is the lead singer and plays keyboard in the band.

As a karaoke DJ in Nashville, you can imagine how many people I’ve met in bands of one sort or another over the years.  Honestly, beyond politely listening to them talking about their plans and wishing them well I don’t usually really pay much attention.  I have had some regulars who were successful musicians in one capacity or another, and some who went on to become so, but it is certainly the exception to the rule.

The first time I went to one of their shows I really didn’t expect much.  Don’t get me wrong, I already knew Matt was a great singer and looked forward to seeing him and my other friends at the show, but my expectations were tempered by past experience.  It takes far more than just a good voice to make a good band.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised!  From the first song in their set I became an instant fan.  This was no cheesy cover band, they had their own songs with their own unique sound, a sound and style that very much appealed to my tastes.  I didn’t have to give sympathy applause and empty polite compliments, I honestly loved the music.

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